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Our writing services go hand-in-hand with other agency services. These include PR, design, photography, video, branding and content marketing strategies. We can project manage the entire process, working together behind the scenes – or we can put you in touch directly with our creative partners.


This is what makes our hearts sing that bit louder, frankly. We provide pro bono copywriting and content writing services to cash-strapped charities. We do this via an internship program that we have set up specifically for this purpose. You can read more about our pro bono program here.


We are a freelance team of journalists who are brand storytellers. We turn conversations into content worth sharing. If you have more time on your hands, read our story.

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There’s no risk involved

We want you to test the water with no risk. We draft a complimentary sample upfront to check we’re on-track with your expectations. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you can walk away.

We’re obsessed with quality control

We don’t want to waste your time. Every draft we submit has been reviewed and proofed by at least three people. We are sticklers for detail.

We can provide more than words

With creative partners in design, branding, video, digital strategy, PR, advertising and social media – our words work well on their own, or as part of a much bigger picture.

We’re autonomous

Our writers can simply do what they do best. We are proud of our project management systems and we’ve never missed a deadline.

We bring a fresh perspective

By viewing your company or project from an outsider’s perspective, we’re not afraid to ask the obvious questions so that your market won’t need to.

What you see is what you get

We’re not a large agency, yet large companies seem to prefer us for this very reason.  The people you meet in the pitch are the same people who will pore over every project and strategy before it goes to you.

         We love reverse briefs

Being journalists, we’re naturally inquisitive. We know what background we need, so we ask the questions and write a reverse brief for your sign-off.

         We respect confidentiality

We never compromise our clients – we’re always happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if required. We also have in-house confidentiality agreements, signed by all our contractors.

We’re people-pleasers

We’re people-pleasing perfectionists and we are repeatedly told that we’re easy to work with. We think this is partly why 96%* of our clients are repeat customers.

*As of November 2013


“The brands that win are the brands that tell a great story.”

Mitch Joel  

Start now.

Tell your stories

The Writers’ Group encourage companies to get personal and share meaningful brand stories, every day.


“To tell a good story, a company needs to genuinely care – about their customers, their staff, their causes, and their community. They need to have a higher purpose beyond making money. 

“These companies should crack open their exterior and share their stories beyond their products or services. They not only embody the future of content marketing, they embody the future of business.”

Contact us for a copy of our white paper, The Rise of Meaningful Brand Storytelling.

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If you would like to go through your query by phone, please contact us on + 61 2 8216 0732. Or you can email us at hello@thewritersgroup.com.au