Well, this is off to a flying start. Our first meeting just finished, and already Alicia has thrown a book through the window, Alastair thinks Leroy is part of a secret death cult out to get him and Sheila ate all of the lemon drizzle cake. ALL of the lemon drizzle cake. There was SO much cake!

In any case, we never even got to critiquing my latest project, so I guess I’ll knock it out here. Anyway…it’s about a man trying to make his way in suburban Australia, despite his crippling fear of rejection. He only managed to get his current job because his mate got it, and he didn’t even WANT to do pest control. Frankston can be a harsh place for a guy with no pest control experience and a hesitance to enter conversations because he’s so afraid people won’t want to talk to him.

My biggest problem right now is that I’m having trouble writing his inner voice. I don’t suffer from this, obviously, and also, I’ve never had a job in pest control or termite control. The latter of these I can look up on the internet. Maybe I’ll watch a documentary. But to get inside this man’s head, I think it’s time for some method writing. That’s like method acting, but…well, it’s exactly the same, except the end product is writing instead of acting. I need to recondition myself to be incredibly anxious about…everything. And then I need to go out and get a job, preferably around Frankston, termite control¬†industries are interesting. Not sure if I have the qualification but I’ll give it a try.¬†I’d settle for a surrounding area. Sometimes you just need to get inside the head of a character, you know?

I would SHARE this idea with the group, but…they’re too wrapped up in their own heads to listen. Or they’re stuffing their faces with cake.