For the first time, I know what it’s like to be denied your passion through no one’s fault but your own. It’s not a fun feeling, funnily enough…

I love my athletics, all that Olympic stuff. At night, I lie awake thinking about my long jump technique, or the optimum number of spins for the discus. Obviously I’ll spend this year’s Olympics glued to the television, watching to see how I can improve and one day take my place at the top. So, you know, all the basic stuff. It’s stiff competition, particularly in Australia, but I’m doing my best and it’s not putting me off. Achilles tendinitis definitely is, though. Gosh, I just should’ve realised this would happen. It was always going to end up being my stupid heel. My dad always said, “Son, make sure you wrap up that heel of yours, because it’s lead to many a downfall.”

I always thought he was being ridiculous, but now I have a genuine foot problem (or just an ankle problem) and now I’m realising, too late, how important that all is. I do a lot of things with my ankle. It helps me to run, jump, even just to stand there while I’m hurling a javelin or disc. Without it…I’m basically nothing. All athletics rely on your feet, I’m coming to realise, and mine just aren’t in the proper shape. Or ankle. It’s part of the foot, it provides the crucial bridge between everything and now I know for sure that I should’ve used that sports tape when I had the chance. Man, I was so stupid. Just thinking I was young and invincible…and I guess this isn’t major. I’ll probably heal, but I’ll always be afraid, and that could affect my performance.

Guess I’ll be seeing my local specialist in Cheltenham, common foot conditions are something I should read up on. Turns out feet and ankles are important for runners.