Last weekend my girlfriend dragged me along to a flower show. Let me start by saying that I have no interest in flowers or gardening in general. I had to pretend to be interested because she has been with me to the last three footy games and has even worn a jersey. Once I realised there were a bunch of food trucks at the flower show I didn’t mind being there too much. I had a burger and more than one beer and then suddenly the tulip bulbs didn’t seem too boring. It’s amazing how some good food and a few drinks can change your tune.

A bunch of expert gardeners were there showing off their latest supercharge rose growing concoctions and new generation leather pruning gloves. At least my lady was happy. Whenever I started feeling a bored I went back to the food trucks for a top up.

We ended up buying some tulip bulbs to plant at home. I don’t really get her whole gardening obsession but it keeps her entertained and occasionally she chooses to grow food so that’s cool with me. We bought some certified seed potato too, don’t even ask me what that means.

I figure my presence at this flower expo gives me at least another three footy games before I have to do something else to appease her. To try and up that number to four I snuck off and bought some daffodil flower bulbs, She loves a flowery surprise. We were there so long I ended up having another three burgers and buying a shovel because she thought it would be fun if I got involved in the gardening process at home. From everything we bought you’d think we live in suburban paradise with a sprawling backyard, we live in an apartment block that has a pretty small balcony on which she has placed several terracotta pots full of soil.