My sister younger Terra recently bought a  extravagant house by the beach and she has all but driven us crazy with her renovation speak. My sister has always had a strong sense of style- or a style in particular, and it would appear she is not afraid to use it.  

When Terra bought her beach house, I went to the auction with her for ‘support’. She didn’t need it. She marched straight up to the cast iron stair entrance and muttered ‘This reminds me of prison craft. It MUST go. Make a note of glass balustrades, Andrea!’ It was then I knew the house was already hers.

A few months later after the titles had been transferred, Terra invited all of us over for Sunday lunch. She wanted us to see the renovated space.

When we arrived, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked absolutely amazing. Credit to my sister for pushing ahead with her plans because the place looks like something straight out of a magazine. She had found a Bayside installer for stair balustrades and now, the entrance is breathtaking. I couldn’t believe the only thing she changed out front was the cast iron railing.

I remember when we were kids that Terra wanted to organise everything. While I loved colour and madness, she liked classification and bossing people about. I have clear memories of her making an inventory of our toys, and dividing them so we wouldn’t have to share. She stapled tiny pockets into our read-it-yourself books and devised her own dewy decimal system in the golden book collection. Heaven help you if you ‘borrowed’ a book from the library of Terra and didn’t return it to the allocated shelf.

But, obviously, aside from moving and shaking, Terra is very good at some things. The glass entrance, truly in her cool style, is a huge testimony to that.