Wearing glasses is weird. I’ve never been called four-eyes or anything. In fact, it seems like it’s in fashion about 80% of the time, and the rest of the time it goes entirely under the radar. At least, that’s my experience.

The annoying thing about glasses being in fashion is that people sometimes assume I’m wearing them to be trendy. It’s like, no… I actually have impaired vision, thanks. Then you start suspecting that everyone else who’s wearing them doesn’t actually need them, and you start to feel like they’re taking the mickey out of your annoying genetic condition, even while celebrating it as the cool new thing. Then you get vocal about it and offend quite a few people who, like you, do in fact have a vision impairment. Good times.

On a different note, I get these whimsical ideas in my head from time to time, like that buildings with glass stair balustrades are wearing glasses. I mean, they sort of are, in a way. The effect is heightened on very symmetrical buildings, like some of the ones at my uni.

Speaking of which, there’s a fair bit of renovation and rebuilding happening on campus right now, which includes a bunch of much-needed glass repair. Melbourne universities on the whole don’t seem to suffer too much from broken glass fixtures, but the one I go to is the exception there. Anyway, I’ve been secretly joking to myself that the buildings are at the optometrist, getting their lenses repaired.

Ah, glass. What would we do without it? Glaziers and optometrists both do such fascinating things with it, and generally go without this being duly noted by society. I think my reliance on glasses really makes me see the substance of glass in a different way than most – really, it’s quite magical. Back in the day, people who worked with it would surely have been seen as conjourers of some description.

Maybe it’s no wonder glasses are considered a cool accessory.