It was a real eye opener to see exactly which appliances were costing our business. I had it pretty much all back to front, and no bother that no one else knew how much they were costing me when I forked out for the power bill.

I was well over it by the time it came to investigate some new leads for conserving and sustaining our energy usage. The money was just running through my fingers like sand. At this point I didn’t even know what commercial energy monitoring was.

Running a big business, I’ve learned one thing that I dont think is exclusive to me. When it comes to energy- electricity, people don’t think twice about wasting it. I believe there  is an assumption that, even if they know I hate paying the bills, that every light needs to be turned on, and anything should be used at any time of the day. I cringe when I make it into the studio of a morning and every single light is on, in the break rooms, the bathrooms, the kitchens and the conference rooms, even though those rooms won’t even be used through the day.

So how do you change the culture around power wastage?

Before I got onto a Melbourne group who specialise in commercial energy storage solutions and other ways to save on expenses,  I thought about it long and hard and I can’t imagine that there is any other reason for wasting power other than the fact that maybe leaving the lights on looks more professional from the outside? Let me get this straight, I can see that many businesses need to appear welcoming and ‘open’ to the public. Nothing says ‘we’re closed’ more plainly than a dark shop. But as a studio, we operate on a by appointment basis only, so there’s really no one to impress. I wasn’t all for making my staff sit in the dark, but I was all for having important conversations about why we don’t leave the lights on in a room that no one is using.