So you’re interested in joining The Writers Group. That’s great. We hope you decide to attend our next meeting, but we more than anyone understand the stress of not only meeting a new group of people, but sharing written work out loud.

So we’ve decided to share a few sneaky snippets of pieces that have been read aloud to our group over the past six months. These aren’t necessarily the best pieces, but they showcase our values of creativity and writing ability through every passionate phrase. No one piece is the same, and that’s how we like it.

If you feel you can bring a sense of pride and passion to our table, then please join us. We can’t wait to add some of your sneaky snippets to this page in the future.

If you are interested in reading the full pieces, please get in contact with us via our contact form.

The Great Beyond

“As I sat on my veranda, looking out at my family playing by the creek, I knew it was time to run. I love my family, but I’ve had enough of being a mother and I need to be free. I’ve been searching for the great beyond my entire life, and haven’t been able to reach it. It’s this unobtainable goal that seems within my grasp until it’s taken away again. My great beyond was almost achieved when I married my husband, and then taken away when I had my first child. The level of freedom and adventure that I desire has been hindered so absolutely by my children that I simply cannot take it any longer. It hurts to say but no amount of love could keep me here. I will not remain trapped. They can come and find me one day…”

Devil Dog

“Adopting a puppy was the biggest regret of my life. She hated me and I hated her. For months prior to her adoption I was looking forward to meeting her. I thought I was about to form an unbreakable bond with a living creature that would love me unconditionally. But what did I get instead of friendship, you may ask? I got a monster, disguised as a tiny Jack Russell with adorable big brown eyes and a body smaller than my foot. When I first realised that she wasn’t settling in, I thought that it was because she was scared of being in a new environment. Little did I know that she was harbouring a resentment towards me that would result in her urinating in my shoes every night when I went to bed. In a fit of rage last night I decided to…”

Prediction Diary

“I’ve always had a fascination with old things. Items with history, items that have a bit of personality, items that are hard to find. You name it, I’m interested in it. To some, my fascination may be considered a bit peculiar, and I’m okay with that, because they don’t know what I know. Last week, on my routine trip to the local junk yard, a treasure trove of used items, a new-looking diary dated this year caught my eye. Curious, I picked it up. Why would someone dump a brand new diary? I opened it up to see every page filled with events, events that were about my life. The diary had listed every activity I had done up until now, and had penned in every activity I would do for the rest of the year…”