Buying a house is completely overwhelming. I can’t quite get my head around the fact that so many people manage to get keen for this process. My fiancee has received an inheritance and is keen to get in on the game, but I’m not so sure. Personally, I don’t know my stamp duty from a postage stamp, or the Sale of Land Act 1962 from a Boxing Day sale.

According to Beth, if you’re buying or building a new home for the first time, you can apply for a First Home Owner Grant. From what I can tell, it barely scratches the surface of the cost of buying property. Still, I guess it would free up a bit of cash for paying the endless parade of bills associated with the whole process.

I still don’t quite understand what stamp duty is, but this is an example of one of those hidden costs of buying a house in Melbourne. Conveyancing services would be of use in decoding this matter. Apparently, there’s a variety of discounts and even exemptions to be had in this area, particularly for first home buyers. Someone out there is pretty darned keen to rope newbies into this shenanigan!

So what if I’m a little skeptical? It’s probably just because I have no experience with anything even vaguely related to this process, unless you include designing the world’s coolest rainwater collection system and having nowhere to build the darned thing. Like I said, the services of a professional conveyancer would be of use here – having someone break down the whole process and itemise each individual fee, form, statement, tax and duty would be a huge help.

Beth reckons she can negotiate a deal that takes into account the cost of stamp duty. Despite not having a clue what that means, I have confidence in her endeavour. I don’t think she’s ever met with a situation in which she couldn’t negotiate to her advantage. If she teams up with a legal pro, she’ll probably succeed in pulling us a pretty sweet deal. Maybe it’s best if I just leave her to it.