I find so much inspiration from our beautiful planet Earth. Its frozen, icy tundras. The barren, dry deserts. The bustling city streets. The expansive blue sky. The wet, cold rain. The cold, cold…snow. The pretty rainbows. The sheep on the hilltops.

And…you know, other stuff. I like to think I can be inspired by a wide range of things, even the simplest objects. Today in the writing group we had a haiku competition based on things around the room, and I think I did pretty well.

Air conditioning. Sydney pride in cooling breeze. Mmm, that’s really nice.’

And I won! In my head. I was heavily criticised for putting my haiku all on a single line. Um, it’s called an *elongated* haiku, BRENDA. Look it up on that phone that seems to be glued to your hand. And then we had a massive argument over whether ‘conditioning’ was three syllables or four, even though it’s obviously four. Con-dih-shuh-ning, duh. And then Harry had the gall to challenge whether my use of ‘mmm’ was actually a true piece of poetry.

Um, it’s poetry. Poetry isn’t bound by the usual rules of writing. It transcends all forms of communication, and is not bound by the regular rules and regulations of crude syntax. That’s what makes it so wonderful, and thus no poetry can ever be wrong, ever. That’s like criticising a…chicken. Like, there are no good and bad chickens. Just…chickens.

Besides, it was an ode to air conditioning, something truly beloved by our modern society, and love poetry has always been a bit slippy slappy sloppy.

I mean, to be fair, air conditioning isn’t exactly part of Mother Earth, and thus it doesn’t lend itself to poetry as well as, say…a beautiful vista. Not to disparage Sydney companies that do air conditioning services, mind you. They’re certainly a welcome sight for many people. I just don’t think my haiku skills should be judged from this one task. I did my best, it wasn’t bad, and the air con was just the first thing I happened to see.