They say the greatest of writers can take the phone book and turn it into a great epic, complete with character development and a sequel hook. I’m surprised no one has taken that idea and run with it; I’m sure it would be a real page turner. But I’m not quite prideful enough to suggest that I’m the man for the job…not yet. I still need to develop my skills with smaller projects, such as the one I’m working on right now: ‘A Day in the Life: A Collection of Short Tales Regarding the Noble Profession of Conveyancing.’

Title is a work in progress, not that the numbskulls in this writing group actually realise it. I trained as a conveyancer before I decided to pursue my artistic career, which is why my stories are based around a group of people doing conveyancing in Clifton Hill. Now, people have written stories on the subject before. However, I’m hoping I can bring something new to the table in the sense that I know all about conveyancing, and so it’ll be an insider’s perspective. The day-to-day life, what we do, what our conveyancing hopes and conveyancing dreams are…

Oh, and there’s a spaceship buried underneath the office sending out mind control signals. That’s going to be the hook that keeps the reader reading, although I’m unsure at this point how much of an impact it’s going to have on the overall plot. I know that the discovery of an alien spaceship is pretty big, but I don’t know if I want it to detract from the central conflicts surrounding clients who need conveyancing in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Oh, everyone here is telling me to ditch the whole idea of the alien spaceship, because they hate fun and all things good. But get this. What if the alien climbs out…and reveals that it’s also a conveyancer! On a different planet! Now THAT has never been done.