Ever since my third daughter was born, I have been completely hopeless at organising anything other than the bare essentials of survival. So when it comes to arranging the perfect parties for kids in Perth, I can honestly say that passing my sister the (paid) baton of responsibility in arranging a memorable party for my kids when their birthdays rolled round, was one of the best decisions I’ve made for our kids so far.

Sam found this amazing place that specialises as one of the city’s top kids birthday party venues. Perth isn’t starved for great places for kids to hang out, but finding a place where even toddlers can run wild with their friends is rare. This place even give kids security wristbands so they don’t escape and go awol. For parents that can simply sit back and watch their kids have a good time without having to worry about food, about boundary lines, about moving cars or anything that isn’t party themed, this place is a heaven send

But those (wonderful) things aren’t exactly what  like the best about having kids parties in an indoor playspace.

If you’re a parent you will know what kids are like when they eat a load of party food and then act like total ratbags for the rest of the day. I’ve seen this happen almost every time when kids parties are micromanaged, for example, you might see a schedule of which games you’ll play and when, and then what time the cake gets cut, what time the presents get opened- add sugary party food to the mix and the result is a bunch of kids that to be honest, aren’t ideal party guests. The best thing about the indoor play centre is that kids can burn off every last molecule of energy before you get them in the car.

If you dread parties that don’t allow kids to ‘burn it off’, then don’t second guess it.  Parties at kids play centres are a parent’s greatest ally.