And that’s a wrap on my second shoot with the video production company! I performed flawlessly if I don’t say so myself, and I am very happy that I’ll be able to add a brand new advertisement to my showreel. The more experience I can prove that I have the more I’ll be chosen for advertisements in the future. Seriously, there are no downsides to this situation. I’m so happy!

You know how people always say that sometimes life just works out? That things fall into place when they’re meant to? That genuinely happened here. I’ve now been in two acting jobs where I’ve been the main actress and I am contracted to a video production company operating in Melbourne for every job that they do an ad for with this client. Sorry, that sentence was so long and jumbled. I’m just so excited!

I’m so keen to see where my career takes me. I’m only just starting out in the industry compared to a lot of people and I think I’ve done quite well so far. In fact, I know I’m doing well. Yes, I know that I’m not a child star but I think that’s what makes my success so much more impressive. I didn’t just get into the industry because I was a cute kid who was able to smile or cry at the right moment, I got into the industry because of my talent, networking skills and eagerness to learn and succeed. I think that’s a testament to myself and I’m really proud of my hard work and dedication.

I’m looking forward to seeing the end result of this advertisement. The animators working at this 2D animation company are so talented and I know their work is really going to make my work look even better. I know this advertisement is going to be something that I’m proud to display in my showreel. I am so happy.