I feel like a bit of a fraud, creating a profile on Odd-Match without anything odd to be matched. I’ve just heard that it’s a treasure trove of obscure hobbies and interests, which sounds awesome because I’m getting super bored with mine. Origami is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I have no head for it. Seven years, and I can only just about make a crane, and it’s a very sick-looking crane.

Currently I haven’t filled in my profile interests, and I get an angry pop-up every time I log in: People can’t find your profile if you have no interests! I get it! I just need to find what they are, with some intense browsing.

Now, ‘Ocean Dwelling’ seems like something I could latch onto. It’s all people who talk about living life permanently at sea, swapping tips about good places in Melbourne for anchor winches and that sort of thing, and why ‘sea legs’ is a misnomer; it should be ‘land legs’, because that’s the more unnatural of the two. I’m just lurking at the moment, but there was a fascinating discussion about outboard motor and whether they can be considered ‘too modern’ for people of this persuasion. There seems to be a staunch group who hold to old traditions and think that ships should be run by the wind in sails, and sometimes indentured servants rowing. Meanwhile, others like to think that boat motors are just moving with the times, they’re totally fine, and life should be one big party on board a luxury yacht.

Fascinating. I feel like I’m learning about boating, sea life AND myself, all in one go. Of course, these people are all clearly nuts, beyond belief. Totally batty. Insane, inside their membranes. But still, if I ever consulted an outboard motor service professional, I now know all the lingo. As for me, it’s back to hunting for my niche.  

Maybe…table-setting in a 1780s period style. So pretty!