I’ve just put the finishing touches on my new outhouse study! I’ve built it from scratch using reclaimed timber from a friend’s dad’s discarded building project. It also sports hand crafted leadlight windows donated to the cause by my mother, and an old glass sliding door I found at the tip. It’s small, but it will do the job much better than the corner of the lounge room I’ve been using for the past six months. All that remains to be done is a bit of interior decorating – some of the wood is, in my opinion, too dark in colour for such a small room, and I’m keen to lighten it up.

I do want to maintain the indoor/outdoor feel to which this den naturally lends itself, so my first task in the decorating process will be to locate some amenable indoor plants. Next, I’ll be digging around online for some kind of botanical-print wallcovering – maybe a fabric wall hanging, or else a self-adhesive wallcovering. Who knows? Now that I’ve got this building stuff down, I might even be up for installing wallpaper! The sky’s the limit!

Perhaps I ought to look into what’s involved in getting hold of some custom self-adhesive wallpaper. Melbourne people, do you have any local leads on this? I’d be after something PVC-free and non-toxic (again, it’s a small space, so this seems kinda important), and which is relatively straightforward for me to install by myself. Ideally, I’d also like to have a say in the image layout, and be able to organise this over the internet.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve got an idea. I recently took a photo of an extremely rare cactus flower, which for some reason I’d found to be really inspiring. It’s a fantastic photo, too (if I do say so myself), and would look great blown up to larger than lifesize. Maybe there’s a way of using this photo as custom print content for a wallcovering.


Okay, so this decorating jaunt might take a bit longer than I originally thought… I haven’t even gotten started on the furniture!