I for one, am intensely disturbed at the lack of stories in the world around the subject of conveyancing. I’ve talked to a number of conveyancing solicitors in Melbourne and they ALL agree: there needs to be more representation.

I mean, I didn’t actually TALK-talk to them, but it’s obvious. And it’s not like you see them everywhere, either. But oh dear, the folks at the writing group don’t seem to think my ideas are particularly interesting. I tried to hide my surprise, but golly gosh, I just couldn’t. The only person with no harsh criticisms was Sheila, and that was only because she was busy stuffing her face with caramel slices. I didn’t even get a single one.

But really, what’s wrong with an anthology that involves people doing their jobs in the field of conveyancing, with no real plot or character development? Thing is, with all the conveyancing that happens in my stories, there isn’t much room for anything else. And who says that you need compelling characters and story arcs? My stories transcend those things. They’re exploration pieces on a single theme, and they never pretend to be anything more. They might not be what you’d pick up if you need a thrilling summer read, but if you’re looking to understand the sale of land act and don’t want to read a textbook, then these are the stories for you. If you want to know not only the technicalities and office foibles that go into conveyancing, but also the emotional struggles and how people deal with the awkwardness of meeting people in the corridor or at the water cooler, this is where to turn. You’ll be drawn to the main character not by personality or wit or strong narrative voice, but because they’re so good at their jobs.

I really think this is a niche, and they’re going to take off in the Melbourne conveyancing community. Maybe even beyond! That would be so terribly fantastic.