In our home, we’ve always had two very distinct areas that neither of us venture into very often. I have my crafts room, and Reggie has his garage. Of course, I have to park the car in there, but I usually do so and walk out without taking any notice of his personal mechanics corner.

What’s mine is his and his is mine, but when it comes to our hobbies, we couldn’t be further apart. I think it’s healthy this way; we get our time alone to do the things we love, and spend the rest of our time together. In fact, I think it’s contributed to our marriage a great deal! So when I see him, a set of aluminium accessories in hand, heading out to the garage…I know he’d like to be left alone.

We’re currently camped out in the middle of nowhere, travelling around in a tiny RV, and the rules are still the same. I see Reggie step outside with his toolbox, and I know that he just wants a bit of time to tinker alone. In fact, I’ve had to get Oscar and Helena on the case as well. I’m not particularly solitary when it comes to my crafts. I’m all too happy to let Helena help me with my projects- but Reggie just likes his time alone. He certainly never volunteered to help me with my invitations, and he’s not wonderful at tiny operations anyway! Quite often while we’re driving along, he’ll be at the wheel and I’ll be in the back, stitching and sewing. We don’t even have to talk- forty years of marriage will hopefully foster a bit of nonverbal communication.

That’s how we’ve non-verbally decided to travel, and it works fine for the both of us. All humans need a bit of time off alone, even the extroverts. So when he wants to climb on the top to rejig the roof racks and bars, I let him. We’re both happy with the arrangement. And he’s terrible at crafts anyway.