In many ways, a home is like a reflection of the soul. So if SOME people think that I talk too much about my place, and the stuff I’d like to get done, and how I’d like to maybe renovate the shed, and perhaps the fact that I’ve written a few haikus about the connection between man and home…well, they don’t understand.

For you see, home is where the soul is. That’s how that goes. And if I want to bring in an anthology series about a hermit who learns to appreciate his living space on a deeper level than most, then everyone just needs to get over it.

Things are really starting to heat up in chapter six: ‘Custom Kitchen Renovations, and the Promise of the Marble Work-Surface’. For you see, the way to a chic and modern kitchen are marble work-surfaces, and maybe a fridge that has double-doors and an ice-maker, but mostly the marble thing. I just keep looking at my own surfaces at home, and they’re sort of a faux wood, and that’s not okay. Actually they’re not bad, because the stains come out fairly easily, but they don’t look good. And in the story, this man discovers that his kitchen surfaces are actually speaking to him, crying out to be renovated. And they’d also really appreciate it if the stainless steel in the sinks could be replaced, because they were installed in the 70s and they don’t resemble stainless steel any more. And the cooker…seriously. Even the most powerful cleaning agents can’t cut through whatever is welded onto THAT.

No kitchen deserves to be left in this state. In some ways, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, because it’s where the food is made, and food keeps you alive. It is, as you might say, the king of all rooms.  So if any room is going to get the treatment, then it’s kitchen renovations that should take priority.

I’ve been telling my wife that the house has been telling me this for ages, but she refuses to listen. Even in poetry!


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