I love my car. People sometimes have a bit of a go about this, making out I’m one of these show-off rev heads who has a glamour shot of their car as their social media thumbnail. That’s not me, though. I just have a lot of appreciation for my magic chariot, which has gotten me from A to countless variations on B over the years. 

One mate in particular is always on at me for having a vintage car, saying it’s not going to last. For me, though, that’s all part of the charm. Any day could be her last, so I’m going to get the most out of our remaining time together. Meanwhile, I’m pretty religious about my regular car service. Mechanics Bentleigh wide know my ride because it’s so distinctive. Even mechanics who’ve never seen it before seem to have heard about it – her reputation precedes her, as I like to say.  

It’s true that a newer car might be simpler to manage. The parts would be cheaper and easier to find, and I might not have to witness as many exasperated mechanics. For general services, Bentleigh car specialists seem to manage, though. At the end of the day, it’s not about getting from A to B directly and efficiently. It’s about engaging with a machine, where it can take you, and what adventures you might have along the way. 

Rest assured, there’s always an adventure to be had when you’re driving a well-maintained old car. People stop and talk to you, or just turn and smile as you pass them. Mechanics tell you about their grandpa’s car, which kicked off their desire to work with cars. Kids, for their part, are often gobsmacked, and think you’ve stepped out of a magic storybook world. Sometimes they don’t even identify it as a car at first. They think it’s a magic chariot.

Of course, it is a magic chariot. Did I mention that I love my car?