You know those days when you wake up to find that you’ve slept through your alarm, then discover that your hot water is out before proceeding to burn your toast and drop a jar of marmalade on the kitchen tiles? Yeah, you know. Today was one of those days for me, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when my car conked out halfway upstate.

Well, the car itself is okay – or at least it has been since I restarted it a few times on the side of the highway. The cooling system, though, is another story. I need recommendations for an auto electrician based in Hobart. Tassie is not all that familiar to me…help a guy out? I’ll be passing through there shortly, and it seems a likely spot for finding a decent mechanic.

For the time being, I’m pulled over at a servo drowning my sorrows in a terrible roadside coffee and availing myself of the arctic-level aircon. I’m also trying – without much success, evidently – to distract myself from thoughts of what else could go downhill today. I mean, my brakes have been making that odd grinding sound, and the tyres are looking a bit shabby. Worst case scenario: my car is a hazard to others on the road.

Alright, let’s stop making a fuss and take this one step at a time. I need a general car service near Hobart. According to the sign over there, I’m currently pretty close. That’s not far from Bendigo, is it? If I call ahead, maybe I can get my junk bucket looked over on the spot. Probably not, going by how my day is panning out so far. But then, maybe I’m due for some good fortune.

On a lesser scale of concern, there’s a bird currently perched above my car and the squirters in my windscreen wipers have been playing up… please don’t drop a package on my windscreen, dude. Don’t even think about it.