‘The Eye of the Needle: How One Man’s Mojo Was Retained After His Run-In With a Dry Needling Course, Restoring His Faith in Not Just Himself, but Also the Power of the Human Spirit: A Memoir, Novel and Book of Abstract Poetry.’

I hadn’t really thought about that being too long a title, but now that the people in the group tonight lambasted me for it, I KNOW I want to keep it at that length. What a bunch of twats. They don’t appreciate the true genius of what’s going on in this particular fusion book.

For you see, this is both biography and abstract fiction in one wonderful package. I recently took a trigger point dry needling course in Melbourne, and it was an enlightening experience like no other. I seriously felt my mind being opened, like an…orange. Sorry, I used all my good metaphors and similes in the book, but at least you know they’re all there, and they are quite good. The true genius of the project is that I’m using the dry needling course as a focus for my entire life, starting at the moment I was born and working my way forward in a highly-fictionalised and entertaining account. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it isn’t true, as they say. This is an intentional piece of fiction, but so heavily based on reality that it might as WELL be the truth, you see. Every tiny moment covered, from birth, childhood, dry needling, outrage that Sheila had eaten the crescent rolls, and everything in between. Perhaps when I was in the dry needling course I had some sort of creative spirit unlocked within me, because my mind and body have never felt so free. I mean…I haven’t started writing it yet, but I have a title. Maybe I need to go and get some dry needling from actual professionals. One session per chapter. Sounds pretty good.