Sometimes I cannot sleep, because I’m so excited about the new and wonderful world I will soon be a part of. You know when you’re looking forward to something and you dream about it all the time, to the point where it becomes devastating to wake up? Sadly, this is where I find myself. At least I’m not dreaming about something that can never be. Our new lunar space station is an absolute certainty.

And to make things better, our wonderful commander has appointed me to the Board of Great Choosing, where I am able to assess the skills brought by our acolytes to be used in the new world. Last night we heard from someone wanting to remove trees. What rubbish. Perhaps in 200 years when Brother Nahum has finished his research on terraforming, but not now.

Melbourne, of course, has a great need for air conditioning repair companies in the Melbourne CBD, despite not being the hottest of places. Perhaps the fact that the leaders of this nation are based here gives them special treatment when it comes to climate control. But will we need air conditioning on the moon? Such is the quandary we could not solve in the space of a single night, and thus we were adjourned to think our own thoughts.

Climate control shall certainly be necessary. The moon is a cold place, far colder than Earth. Heating is already dealt with; that was one of the first things. But will we need to cool the air? Will there ever come a time when this becomes necessary? The Earth we know well. The climate is predictable. The moon? Further research required. We don’t want to scorn the assistance of the finest air conditioning service, Melbourne has some of the best technicians in the country. We shall await word from the research and reconnaissance team as to what climate control will be required.