I like to think that fusing genres is my speciality. That is, my writing speciality. Outside of that, I do have others, such as baking cupcakes and being able to rap in a Swedish accent. I suppose fusion really does transcend all, because all things are subject to being taken and placed together. This week I felt the touch of the muse, so I stopped for a while and wrote what I hope is eventually going to turn into a trilogy. That is, a steamy love trilogy with elements of sci-fi and that one genre that no one can really describe, but seems to involve a lot of people who can shape-shift into animals. No…it’s more than fantasy. There are so many it just has to be a genre by itself.

Anyway, so that’s going to be a thing. It’s set in the arctic tundra, and feature the very first conveyancing and settlement professional who exclusively deals with property in the arctic. He grew up in Melbourne, with conveyancer parents, and he always admired what they did. And yet, the field of Malvern conveyancing was taken care of already, by some consummate professionals, so this fellow decides that he wants to go and do property transfers somewhere that isn’t quite as crowded.

Thus, the arctic. There isn’t a huge amount of work at first, but fortunately it isn’t long before he meets an upbeat girl who can turn into an arctic fox, and also she needs a place to live. She’s not so great with all the paperwork and title transfers, so she becomes his very first client, and in return, he learns quite a lot about the housing market in the Arctic and how it could really use a bit of conveyancing.

Also, they fall in love. Obviously.

I think it’s got the workings of something great, even if the plebeians in the group think it’s ‘not really relatable’. Uh…everyone knows conveyancers. You know, your friendly local conveyancing office in St Kilda? It’s like that…but in the arctic. And there’s a shape-shfter. Easy stuff.