My twin sister Trea and I recently had our lips enhanced with filler at her favourite salon. The last time she went, she came back looking so good that I felt it was no longer obvious we were twins. Which for me, is enough to make me want lip enhancements. We recently turned 43 and it was a bit of a shock between us that looking back on photos, we could make a clear distinction in how our faces had changed over those few years. Wasn’t aging supposed to be a slow thing?

Anyway, Trea had some work done, and she’d been telling me about how easy laser hair removal for upper lips was. I hate shaving and I trust my sister with my life, we are both on the same page with presentation, though she’s always been a little bit more proactive, where I’m a wait and see kind of person.

When I saw how great Trea was looking after having some anti-wrinkle injections for her frown lines, I realised I’d waited long enough. I asked Trea to book me in with her next visit. A little over two weeks later and I can’t believe how much I love my new look!   

If anyone was to ask me how much it hurts, then I’d have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how little I actually felt. I’m no better with pain than the next person, but if Trea can deal with it, then I can confidently say most people would be fine. She has the lowest pain threshold of anyone I know, and the nurse told me that usually it’s the idea of a needle in your lip that sets people off, rather than the event itself. There’s a numbing agent inside the treatment, and that means you don’t feel much at all.

Our new lips are supposed to last a while, and I’m happy to wait, but Trea wants to go back for some more volume when she has her next laser hair removal session. Until then, I’m completely happy with my pout!