I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, writing a fifteen-part novel series. If things continue the way they are, I might even have to expand the series into a few more books…but we’ll see how the demand is after I get the first one published.

I mean, beauty treatments are big news right now. All around Melbourne, laser hair removal is the hottest trend of the summer. I’m planning for my books to be released once a year, for the next fifteen years, so…here’s hoping people are still into their hair removal and anti wrinkle injections.

You know, people in this group just don’t seem to like the idea of proofreading all of my novels. That’s strange to me…because why else would you be here, if not to get to read and review great works of art? You don’t even need to buy a book for ages; I’ll send you the PDFs! People like reading epic novels about the past, present and future of Melbourne’s cosmetic treatments and eyebrow tattooing, I think. And look, I’m giving you my precious, creative babies here. That’s a great privilege, and I’d think anyone else would be absolutely thrilled to be a part of this journey. I know I’D be, knowing that people trusted me THAT much, to give me all fifteen of their amazing books to proofread.

The thing I’d most like to know is how the central conflict in book nine really ties into the rest of the series; it feels a bit extraneous to the main complication. And do you need a working knowledge of  eyebrow tattooing at a Melbourne clinic to really appreciate the nuance of the message? I don’t want it to be too insular, especially around book eleven when the main conflict really heats up. Speaking of heating up, did anyone see where the sausage rolls went? I didn’t get a single one…