Contrary to popular belief, there are a huge number of different window types, each with advantages and disadvantages over others. A few of the most popular styles of both timber and aluminium windows include sash and bi-folds. We can’t all have stained glass windows in our lounge rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy stylish windows in your home.

Sash Windows: Sash windows are characterised by a pair of (generally) single glazed windows in panels hung vertically, one over the other. Sash windows can usually open from both the top and the bottom, which gives them a significant advantage. They allow hot air to escape through the top, and draw cool air through the bottom, allowing effective ventilation of the room. Sash windows in Melbourne are inspired by traditional Victorian and Georgian designs used in England.

Bi-fold Windows: These are designed with zig-zag hinges placed on the different window panels, allowing them to open to almost full capacity. This can be a great way to ventilate the room, or to open up spaces between rooms, such as kitchens and living rooms. This is why many bi-fold windows are used in serving rooms and the likes.

Awning Windows: These are perfect when access to the window might be limited or even non existent. You are able to open the window using turning levers, allowing cool or warm air through the home, while still keeping the windows in high areas, such as bathrooms. They’re perfect for privacy while still allowing natural airflow to help control the climate of your home.

These are by no means a comprehensive look at the different types of windows available, it’s a good general idea of the wide range, uses and versatility of the different window types. If you’re in need of bi fold window repairs in a Melbourne suburbs, make sure that you speak to a trained professional. They’ll have advice on what kinds of windows are best suited to your home.